Myofascial Massage

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This invaluable resource will help practitioners and students sort out differences and similarities between popular myofascial styles. Early chapters offer a solid review of anatomy and physiology as they relate to myofascial massage. Subsequent chapters focus on specific direct and indirect techniques and adjunctive self-care recommendations for clients, including the neuromuscular approach, hatha yoga and exercise to support myofascial massage, and the craniosacral approach. You'll learn the proper procedure for each myofascial technique and understand how to integrate myofascial massage into your bodywork practice. Whether you're looking to broaden your perspective of massage or find the myofascial approach and technique that best suits you and your client, Myofascial Massage is sure to help.Exquisite illustrationsenhance learning and understanding by clarifying the techniques.Protocol boxes recommend sequences to follow during actual myofascial massage sessions.Guidelines provide useful strategies for implementing each myofascial approach and improving body mechanics and communication skills during your client sessions.First person experiences will add to your overall understanding of the techniques and their uses.Massage implications, included in each anatomy chapter (Chapters 2-4), help you to understand the influence of myofascial anatomy and physiology on practice.Questions for discussion and review at the end of each chapter encourage you test your comprehension of the materials and think critically.
About the e-Book Myofascial Massage pdf This invaluable resource will help practitioners and students sort out differences and similarities between popular myofascial styles. Myofascial Massage Image
AUTHOR Marian Wolfe Dixon
FILENAME Myofascial Massage.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 29 Jul 2006

Manage Myofascial Pain & Stress with Massage Therapy

Myofascial release massage works the web-like protective band that covers your body's muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and tissues. This protective band is made of elastin and collagen fibers. The band or fascia is dynamic, meaning that it responds to forces, either internal or external and ...

Self Myofascial Release- What is MFR and how does it work?

6 reviews of Myofascial Massage "Lyndsay is amazing! I am 25 weeks pregnant and started experience horrible sciatica and pelvic/hip pain in last couple months. She is the only person I found that can help break up this tension and her deep into…


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